This classic Gentleman's Motor Yacht is steeped in history and featured in the Queen's Jubilee Pageant, Churchill's funeral and the annual Lord Mayor's event on the Thames. She is the perfect yacht to cruise through London with up to 40 passengers onboard and is the only yacht in London of this passenger capacity. The purchaser of this yacht, will be purchasing a special piece of British history aswell as a going concern in the form of a charter business that generates significant income, with an opportunity to expand it. Clients will typically charter this vessel for a corporate event cruise, sightseeing tour or celebration. In addition, she is the only yacht of this type in London on which you can experience Clay Pigeon Shooting whilst onboard for up to 35 passengers aswell as high end catering,  making a truly unique London event!


£2M + VAT




40 PAX + 10 CREW
85 FT
8 FT




The Havengore is a former hydrographic survey launch, originally launched in 1956 for service with the Port of London Authority (PLA). After her withdrawal from service and sale in 1995, she was re-registered as a passenger vessel for up to 40 passengers. Based on the River Thames, Havengore has also served as a ceremonial vessel. She is best known for carrying the body of Sir Winston Churchill as part of his state funeral in 1965.

Havengore was named after Havengore Island, a low-lying marshy island off the coast of Essex. The derivation of the word Havengore is Old English, 'haefen' meaning an anchorage and 'gor' meaning muddy. The adjoining Havengore Creek marked the northern end of the PLA's jurisdiction prior to 1964, when it was extended to include the whole of the Thames Estuary. By convention many PLA vessels are named after features of the River Thames.


The Havengore was commissioned by the Port of London Authority (PLA) in 1954 to replace its former survey vessel the Shorne Meade. Built by Tough Brothers of Teddington, she is of double diagonal construction in teak over a framework of English oak. The National Physical Laboratory helped design and test her twin counter-rotating propellers and underwater fittings, while Decca Radar oversaw trials of her survey systems. She was launched in 1956.

1956-1995: Port of London Authority

The Havengore entered service with the PLA on 4 February 1956. As the PLA's hydrographic survey vessel, she was responsible for recording changes to the bed of the River Thames and Thames Estuary. She was the first survey vessel in the UK to install a computer to record survey data, using punched tape; replacement Unix workstations were installed in 1989. After becoming the longest-serving PLA vessel, she performed her last hydrographic work in 1995, when she was withdrawn from service and sold.

1995-2011: Private ownership

After changing hands in 1995, the Havengore was restored and refitted at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. Subsequently, she was used by the Havengore Education and Leadership Mission (HELM) to provide excursions for underprivileged children on the River Medway. Changing hands again in 2006, three further phases of restoration - including the reuse of parts from a 0-4-0 diesel locomotive - have ensured that she remains fully operational in compliance with MCA regulations, while respecting her historic fabric.

The Havengore participated in the river pageant held to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and has taken part in services marking Armistice Day and Armed Forces Day. Moored at St Katharine Docks, the Havengore currently undertakes a mixed programme of public service and charitable events and is also available for corporate hospitality purposes.

Churchill funeral

On 30 January 1965 the Havengore carried Sir Winston Churchill on his last journey by water along the River Thames from Tower Pier to Festival Pier during his state funeral. On her journey along the Thames, the Havengore was saluted by a flypast of 16 English Electric Lightning fighter jets, and dock cranes were bowed as she passed. This event was broadcast live to an estimated worldwide audience of 350 million viewers, one in ten of the then world population. Archive newsreel footage is available via the BBC website. the Havengore carries a commemorative plaque presented by the International Churchill Society inscribed with the words of the BBC broadcaster that day, Richard Dimbleby: 'And so the Havengore sails into history ... not even the Golden Hind had borne so great a man'.

Queen Elizabeth, the Olympics and the Thames Act of Remembrance

The Havengore participated in the river pageant held to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

On 17 May 2012 it was announced that the Havengore had been selected to carry members of the Royal Family as part of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in a flotilla of over a thousand vessels during the Thames pageant on 3 June 2012. Members of the Royal Family who embarked on the Havengore for the Thames pageant were The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

The Havengore also carried the Paralympic Torch in 2012 bearers along the River Thames, on their way to the Opening Ceremony, marking the start of the most successful event of its kind.

She participated in observances on the Thames marking Queen Elizabeth's surpassing of Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning British monarch on 9 September 2015.

She also led the Seventh Annual River Thames Act of Remembrance to be held since its revival in 2009




Havengore is licensed by the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) as a commercial passenger vessel to carry up to 40 passengers and 10 crew. She will typically have a captain and crew onboard aswell as a host and waiting staff if catering is being provided for a charter. She is also licensed to offer Clay Pigeon Shooting whilst onboard, a very exclusive ability that is unique within the charter market in London



Her upperworks are also of teak. In order to put her into the best condition possible in preparation for a change of ownership, in 2018/19, she had a very extensive refit for nine months at Foxs boatyard in Ipswich. First the deck planking was removed and all the oak framework examined. Although we could have patched up the beam shelf (the band of oak that goes around the top of the hull) we decided to replace it in its entirety with approximately 190 feet of laminated oak. Then where necessary a few of the cross members of oak were replaced or more frequently new wood scarfed into the ends of other beams. This task is fully documented both on a copy of one of the original design drawings of the hull structure and through time lapse photography via a two and a half minute video of the work being done - see below:

Havengore Refit Timelapse

Foxs have maintained the Havengore since 2014 and consequently they have a very good understanding of the boat. She spends December to March every year at their marina in Ipswich and every year she is surveyed there by an MCA surveyor and the MCA then dictate what checks and work they want to call out. This year (2021/22) for example we were asked to remove the propellor shafts and rudders to check for wear - this is done every five years. There were also

various maintenance tasks that needed to be done. There is a full documented record available of what has been done on the Havengore since 2006. She also has all the modern navigational and life-saving equipment that you would expect plus Thames AIS which provides a computer screen which plots the presence of all other registered craft on the Thames.


Turning to the engineering, the main engines are the original matched pair of Gardner 8L3s. In 2006 Mr. Ryland helped a young engineer whose father had been one of the original senior engineers at Gardners to establish a business (now called Gardner Marine ltd. see https: //gardnermarine. com/) to maintain these classic engines which are still in place in many classic yachts throughout the World. This business, although niche, has been very successful and now has a blue-chip clientele and the largest stock of spare parts anywhere in the World and with many of the original drawings - so if necessary new parts can be made. In the early days of Mr. Rylands ownership of Havengore we also purchased a third 8L3 and broke that down into its constituent parts for spares. Both engines were then examined and worn parts replaced as necessary. Gardner Marine has continued to maintain the engines since then and Michael Harrison, the principal of Gardner Marine can give a very full engineering led account of the status of the engines.

In general, we believe Havengore has been hugely improved since Mr Ryland bought her in 2006 and he has restored her and updated her to MCA standards and we have a documented track record to prove that.


These particulars have been prepared from information provided by the vendors and are intended as a general guide. The purchaser should confirm details of concern to them by survey or engineers inspection. The purchaser should also ensure that the purchase contract properly reflects their concerns and specifies details on which they wish to rely.