Diplomat Cruises has an exemplary safety record and is fully compliant with all safety requirements and regulations of the Port of  London Authority.

All vessels are coded and inspected regularly and only manned by experienced and qualified personnel.

Safety Policy

  • All vessels will be manned by experience captain and crew
  • All vessels will be checked prior to the cruise commencing
  • There will be regular communication between the vessel and the Port of London Authority during the cruise
  • No cruise will commence in extreme weather conditions and the captain’s decision will be final
  • Passengers and crew will follow the captain instructions at all times and take special care when embarking and disembarking. They will remain seated at all times and follow all safety instructions
  • The captain will keep a lookout during the cruise and the Thames AIS system will be switched on to warn of approaching vessels in line with Port of London Authority regulation.
  • If any part of the cruise requires high speed, the amber warning light on the vessel will be switched on to warn oncoming vessels that high speed operations are underway.